Pulpit & Interim Pastor Search Committee Updates

April 7, 2024 (PSET Update)
It was announced that Rev. Andre Kirkland would deliver his first sermon as our next senior pastor on Sunday, April 21!! 

April 3, 2024 (PSET Update)
On Tuesday, April 2, the membership voted to select Rev. Andre Kirkland as our next senior pastor!! Voting result details and next steps were communicated. 

March 23, 2024 (PSC Update)
As a part of the church's observation period, the Church Staff, Deacons & Deaconesses, Trustees & wives, and the Ministers & wives had separate roundtable sessions to meet with Rev. & Mrs. Kirkland, to address critical ministry specific questions.  Other pastoral candidate observation events are as follows:

  • March 24 - Sunday School Visitation
  • March 24 - Kid's Cave & Student Ministry Visitations
  • March 24 - Worship Service (1st of 2 sermons by Rev. Kirkland)
  • March 24 - Town Hall (Q&A from Membership)
  • March 27 - Corporate Bible Study @ 7:00 PM
  • March 30 - Roundtables (PSET & EC | Legacy | Ministry Council | WINGS Ministry Leadership)
  • March 30 - PSC Luncheon with Rev. & Mrs. Kirkland
  • March 31 - Worship Service (2nd of 2 sermons by Rev. Kirkland)
  • April 2  - Town Hall (Membership Vote) @6:30 PM

February 18, 2024 (PSC Update)
The recommended candidate, Rev. Andre Kirkland, was announced to the congregation during worship service by Rev. Lawrence Price (PSET and EC Chairman). The congregation was informed that they will receive a communication this week providing the scheduling of when and how the church leaders and the congregation will meet, interact, and observe the candidate preaching and teaching. 

February 15, 2024 (PSC Update)
The PSC met with the EC and PSET.  Prior to this meeting, the EC was given access to review the full interview of the recommended candidate, as well as the video presentation of the PSC process, procedures, tools, resources, and information about the candidate and his family. After all questions were addressed in this meeting, the EC convened privately, deliberated and then approved of announcing the candidate to the congregation. 

February 3, 2024 (PSC Update)
The PSC presented their candidate recommendation presentation to the PSET. Prior to the presentation, the PSET was given access and ample time to review the full interview of the final 2 candidates to the PSET. During the presentation, they received comprehensive information about all aspects of the PSC process, procedures, tools, resources, and information about the candidate and his family. After the presentation, the PSET convened privately, deliberated and then approved of forwarding the candidate to the EC for their review and decision.  The PSC was then tasked to create a video presentation for the EC and congregation.

January 18, 2024 (PSC Update)
PSC is compiling and discussing the data from the outcome of their final tasks performed below before making a recommendation to the Pastoral Succession Execution Team (PSET):

  • Performed salient social media platform, civil and credit background checks
  • Interviewed the candidates’ wives and their seven(7) references
  • Performed a site visit of the candidates' church

November 18, 2023 (PSC Update)
The PSC's process to select a final candidate has been verbalized during the church services, townhall and State of the Church meetings.  The process is documented HERE

November 15, 2023 (PSC Update)
One of the two(2) final candidates has had their final interview and the final interview for the remaining candidate will take place before the end of this month. Extensive background checks are currently being performed.  Other Phase 5 tasks (outlined in the October 31 update) are still on target to be performed.

October 31, 2023 (PSC Update)
During this process, the PSC worked diligently to narrow our potential candidates. The task was not easy, and ultimately, PSC prayed and deliberated which resulted in the reduction of four(4) candidates. We thanked the four(4) candidates via email for their patience with the process, gifts, talents, and service to God’s kingdom. They also were apprised after prayer, dialogue, and evaluation of all the information they provided to us throughout this process, we believe God is calling us to consider other candidates. We wish them and their family the best in future ministerial endeavors and continue to pray for us.

The two(2) final candidate prospects were notified via email that they were advancing forward in the process. The PSC then requested and received the completed job application and required number of reference letters to complete Phase 4.  In Phase 5, the goal over the next two(2) months is to:

  • Perform extensive background checks
  • Complete the interviews of the final candidates, their wives and their references
  • Conduct unannounced site visits to candidates’ church and supplemental administrative tasks

October 3, 2023 (PSC Update)
Mt. Hebron’s PSC thank you for your prayers, fasting, patience and love. The PSC encourages everyone to continue praying and fasting for our church during this transitional time period. Their recent completion of tasks with the remaining six(6) candidates involved qualitative and quantitative discussions and comparisons of their teaching, and expository verbal and written narratives regarding faith, doctrine, social and moral topics. This permits further reduction of candidates for the next phase over the next month consisting of interviews, church visits and additional background checks.

July 23, 2023 (PSC Update)
The candidates received communications from the PSC on how to download and complete the Senior Pastor Perspective Questionnaire (SPPQ), send videos of two(2) recent sermons and a Bible Study lesson plan/syllabus, and one(1) video of them teaching a Bible Study class. The SPPQ consisted of twenty-nine questions of three(3) sections (Doctrine, Social/Moral and Background) with a maximum of 2000 characters for the answers to each question.

Candidates were instructed to complete and return the required documents and information by midnight July 19, 2023. Two(2) candidates after prayer separately apprised the PSC that they decided to withdraw applying for the Senior Pastor position at Mt. Hebron. The PSC moved forward in the process with the remaining six(6) candidates.

June 28, 2023 (PSC Update)
The PSC individually and collectively completed their analysis of the fourteen(14) candidate interview and questionnaire answers. Eight(8) candidates advanced to the next phase of the process. The PSC provided a letter to those that were advancing and a letter thanking those candidates that didn't advance for their interest in the Mt. Hebron Senior Pastor position.

May 17, 2023 (PSC Update)
The candidates provided their interview recordings and questionnaire by the due date of May 12, 2023. Three(3) candidates are no longer in consideration for Mt. Hebron Senior Pastor position. PSC independently and collectively conducts a quantitative, qualitative, discussion and analysis of the candidate’s interview and questionnaire answers. This process will continue for the fourteen(14) remaining Phase III candidates.

April 6, 2023 (PSC Update)
The PSC members individually and collectively conducted and completed a digital footprint review, research, media interviews (print & TV), analysis standings of secular and seminaries, and accreditation boards germane to the 49 candidates. The PSC reached a consensus that 32 candidates will not advance to Phase III of the process. Notifications were completed to the candidates apprising them they are not advancing in the process. The 17 remaining candidates advancing to Phase III of the process were notified and they acknowledged acceptance of moving forward in the process.

March 5, 2023 (PSC Update)
The PSC are progressing with reviews of 49 candidates.  Thus far in Phase II,  27 candidate reviews were completed. These candidates are being notified if they will/will not advance to the next phase.  The reviews for the remaining candidates will be completed within the next two weeks. 

February 13, 2023 (PSC Update)
The Sr. Pastor job posting was closed on January 31, 2023.  Based on the selection process and criteria, 66% of the candidates did  not advance to the next phase. Notification letters to those candidates will be complete by February 16, 2023. The candidates progressing to phase 2 will be notified and provided an applicant packet to complete and return. The packet will be reviewed by the committee prior to any interviews.  After the interviews, the candidates will be evaluated, and a consensus will be reached to identify the final pool of candidates to enter Phase II.

January 28, 2023 (PSC Update)
The Pulpit Search Committee (PSC) received a substantial number of domestic and international candidates that have met or exceeded the job description requirements. However based on the selection process and criteria, 65% of the candidates thus far will not advance to the next phase. The Sr. Pastor job posting will close on January 31, 2023.  

January 19, 2023 (IPSC Update)
The Interim Pastor Search Committee (IPSC) presented a detailed process for the interim pastor selection at the town hall meeting today.  A special thank you to the IPSC team for their hard work and diligence in creating and executing this selection process. Their selection was Rev. Kevin Bullard, a church administrator and minister here at The Mount.   His bio can be found here.  

January 3, 2023 (IPSC Update)
The Interim Pastor Search Committee (IPSC) met with the Executive Council (EC) and Pastoral Succession Execution Team (PSET) to present their updates for the Interim Pastor position.  Updates will be presented to the membership at the next townhall meeting.   

November 29, 2022 (PSC Update)
PSC Vision Statement:  “Through fervent prayer and obedience, we will be led by the Holy Spirit to the Sr. Pastor God has chosen.”  PSC Members were asked to review and sign the Statement of Confidentiality and Conduct of Expectations.  The Sr Pastor's announcement and job description was posted on 5 sites for a duration of 60 days. 

November 23, 2022 (PSC Update)
Below is the information needed for any internal or external candidate to apply for our Senior Pastor position:
Announcement and Job Description 

November 19, 2022 (PSC Update)

PSC held retreat at North Garland Holiday Inn Express to: 

  • Review PSC Mission and Vision statements
  • Finalize and sign Confidentiality and Expectations Statement
  • Finalize Sr. Pastor job description and announcement (posting date, duration, and locations)
  • Assign roles and tasks (Co Chair, Administrator, Communication Lead, Prayer Coordinator, Researcher/Recruiter and Hospitality Lead)
  • Other agenda items were:
    • Pastoral Succession Executive Team (PSET) and Executive Council interdependencies with the PSC
    • Calendar year end to 1st quarter 2023 timeline
    • PSC Budget 
    • Administrative items (e.g. process and protocols, congregation updates, etc.)
    • Pastoral Conference Prospecting
    • Right Now Conference feedback 

November 1, 2022 (PSC Update)
PSC held its first complete team kickoff in-person meeting and get-acquainted session. Members shared cogent and concise bios. Meeting also covered the following topics:

  • PSC Core members Retrospective administrative tasks, process, weekly virtual meetings, and outcomes leading up to their selection and approval by the church.
  • PSC books and document imperatives:
    • Bible
    • Search the Pastoral Search Committee Handbook by William Vanderbloemen
    • When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search by Chris Brauns
    • Mt. Hebron Succession Plan
    • Church By-Laws
  • PSC meetings imperatives: theme, scripture, prayer opening and prayer at close of every meeting
  • PSC Tuesday prayer and Wednesday fasting
  • Importance of PSC expectations and confidentiality during the process
  • Drafts of Confidentiality and Expectations documents provided to PSC members
  • Samples of external and internal Sr. Pastor job description and announcements
  • PSC off-premise retreat scheduled on 11/19/2022

October 26, 2022 (PSC Update)
The twelve(12) PSC candidates  (listed in the Oct 17 PSC Update) were approved via a vote at the town hall meeting.   

October 17, 2022 (PSC Update)
The PSC candidates were announced to the congregation after approval by PSET.  The congregation will have the opportunity to vote on the PSC membership on Wednesday, Oct 26.  

Summary: There was a total of twenty-three (23) nominees to fill seven(7) members-at-large positions needed for the PSC.  The five(5) core PSC members** reviewed and discussed all nominations. Candidate interviews were conducted virtually and completed on October 4. The Core team PSC members convened October 5 and selected the seven(7) candidates to serve on the PSC. The PSC is fully staffed with a diverse group of twelve(12) members, six(6) females and six(6) males. Core team approved the PSC Chairperson to have authority to break all tie votes.  On October 6, notifications were sent to the PSC nominees and candidates thanking them for wanting to serve on the PSC.  The candidates, along with the core members, must be approved via a congregational vote on Wednesday, Oct 26. They are:

  • Barbara A. Bogan-Giles
  • Barbara Dixon **
  • Betty J. Spencer
  • Bobby Smith **
  • Darian Smith
  • Daryl Miller (Chair)**
  • Ed Charles **
  • Hannah Herman
  • Helen E. Smith
  • Rev. James D. Bonds
  • Rev. Peter Harris **
  • Dr. Vicki Jackson-High

October 3, 2022 (Interim PSC Update)
Below is the information needed for any internal or external candidate to apply for our Interim Pastor position:
Announcement and Job Description 

This information is also posted on these job sites:

September 14, 2022 (PSC Update)
PSC member “recommendations” will be determined and submitted to the Executive Council by the end of September. The actual selection will not be completed until we have church approval. 

September 7, 2022 (Interim PSC Update)
The Executive Council authorized a subcommittee to recommend to the Council and Church Congregation an Interim Pastor to serve until the Pulpit Search Committee completes its work identifying a Senior Pastor.  The members of the Interim Pastor Search Committee (IPSC) are:

  • LA Taylor (Subcommittee Chair)
  • Rev. Lawrence Price (Executive Council)
  • Roderick West (HR Rep)
  • Kal Young (HR Rep)
  • Valerie Bride (Executive Council)

Their strategy is to collect insights from the Church regarding the Interim Pastor position.  They will be scheduling focus group discussions, via Zoom, with members of the following groups:

  • Week of September 19th - Associate Ministers, Deacons, Music Ministry
  • September 26th and September 29th - At-large group of members from the congregation

August 6, 2022 (PSC Update)
The Pulpit Search Committee (PSC) is looking for congregation members that are Christ-centered, Holy Spirit lead, prayer-focused, faith-strong and committed to the extensive collaborative process of the selection of a new Sr. Pastor for The Mount.   

They are in the process of vetting those nominees that have a diverse representation of the church body on the PSC.  Please pray for our Church as we find the missing links that God has called to be on this dynamic committee!!


June 3, 2022 (PSC Update)
The PSE Team approved the core members of the Pulpit Search Committee (PSC):

  • Daryl Miller (Committee Chair)
  • Ed Charles (Deacon)
  • Rev. Peter Harris (Associate Pastor)
  • Bobby Smith (Trustee)
  • Barbara Dixon (HR Rep)

The suggested make-up of the PSC:

  • Number of members – 11 or less
  • The six(6) members that will be chosen from the congregation to complete the PSC should be in the age group of 18 and above
  • Equal balance of gender
  • A member in good standing

June 1, 2022
The Pastoral Succession Execution Team (PSET) was invoked immediately following Pastor's retirement announcement.   According to the Succession Plan, the following are members of this team:

  • Senior Pastor – Rev. Leonard Leach / Associate Pastor - Rev. Peter Harris
  • Executive Church Administrator - Marilyn Brown
  • Treasurer – Anthony Abernathy
  • Chair of Human Resources – Peggy Mathis
  • Chair of Deacons – Larry Brooks
  • Chair of Trustees – Keith Rodgers
  • Chair of Joint Board – Philip Klass